Weird Habits Of Famous Successful People

Not everyone is perfect. Neither the failures not the extremely successful ones. In order to be productive, most people follow a daily routine, they wake up early, go for a run, they eat healthily and sleep early to wake up at dawn, at least this is what most of them do.

One thing which makes them stand out is, they do offbeat things to be different than the rest. Apart from having the capability & tenacity to go after their dreams, they also see to possess a different kind of personality which shows their weirdness.

Some of the weird habits of the most successful people are listed below.


The French Writer who is well famous for this work in “The Age of Enlightenment.” had a bad habit of drinking a lavish amount of coffee.

Benjamin Franklin

The famous politician had an unusual way of staying healthy.

Henry Ford

Well, everyone has their own different taste and so did the famous Founder of Ford. And we all know soybeans are good for your health.

Thomas Edison

That was a wonderful thought Mr.Edison.”Testing your assumptions before acting on them!”

Bill Gates

The wealthiest man in the entire world and the founder of Microsoft had some rocking habits as well.

Steve Jobs

Talking about Bill Gates, there is no way Jobs can stay behind on this list also. The Former CEO and Founder of Apple had some nasty habits as well.

Donald Trump

Here is something about the famous business person and the President of U.S.

Yoshiro Nakamatsu

The famous Japanese investor has some love for exquisite delights.

Someone said it right, to be successful you have to be able to express your weirdness. After all, it can be the only which which makes you different of the rest of the lot.

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