5 Types Of Selling Styles

Types Of Selling Styles

Selling is an art. One needs exclusive techniques, methods, strategies, and skills to sell something to consumers. Since consumers are extremely smart, a salesperson has to outsmart the consumers to be able to put their products on sale. An efficient salesperson will grab every opportunity to sell something. He will pay attention to what a consumer need, demands or wants. And efficient salesperson is who is able to sell what he wants to sell and not what someone wants to purchase.

Every salesman has a unique style of selling. And with time selling styles should be refined and amended as the consumers’ knowledge gets evolved. Consumers get used to the old selling styles and if a salesperson is still using the old methods, his success will decline. Hence, with time the selling styles need to be modified.
All these styles can be broadly classified into 5 types. All salespersons fall under these categories based on their selling styles.

Here are the 5 different types of selling styles:

aggressive selling


In this style, the only intention of the seller is to sell. Salesmen who have an aggressive style of selling believes in getting the job done in one shot. They don’t follow any so-called sales process. They also believe that if the client leaves, the sale is lost. Such representatives are best suited to work individually as their harsh methods don’t go well while working in teams.



Consultative selling is based on the development of trust between seller and customer. A sales representative with such style will try to build a relationship of trust with the customer. Under this method, the focus is not on anyhow selling the product but is to build a relationship and that’s why this type is also known as relationship building selling. The salesman needs to have a good personality, complete knowledge of the product and experience as these things will help him to create his credibility. Salesmen under this type of selling believe that sales are not a one-time thing.



As mentioned above, a seller has to be smart enough to observe the actions and words of the consumer. Under this style, a sales representative observes the customer properly. He will ask different questions and figure out what the customer requires. He has to be smart enough to present a solution to the problems of the clients immediately. Salesmen under this styles are fast and clever and this style of selling is also known as the problem-solving style of selling.



As the name suggests, this style of selling is totally based on the product. The salesperson will describe all the features and benefits that the product possess till the customer is fully convinced with the product. Lots of demos of the products are given to prove its effective utility. Sales representative need to be fully aware of the features, benefits, and usefulness of the product in order to follow this style of selling.



Sales representatives under this style of selling believe in being one step ahead of the competition. They never take a no for an answer and always believes in convincing the customer to buy the product. They are always ready to go an extra mile if it takes to close the sale so that they are on top of the competition charts. Personal interfaces with the buyers or calls, they don’t leave any option unused in order to get the job done.

So these were few the types of selling styles which different salespersons follow. It is not mandatory that a salesperson has to follow one particular style of selling, he can give tries to all these styles based on the customer’s personality. At the end what matters is the completion of the job and by completion of the job, it means selling the product.

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