Hobbies Of The Most Successful Business Leaders You Must Know

When you are trying to grow your business, your entire focus shifts to your company and making sure that you do everything in your power to make the company a success. You may think that only your efforts at work impact the position of your business but you are wrong. How you are outside the business and the habits you show in your day to day life are a big part of how your company looks. A business takes up the personal values of the person heading it even if you realize it or not.

Many successful businessmen we came across have some pretty intriguing hobbies. After spending most of their time dedicated to their business, a business owner must spend some time disconnecting to their work and spend that time practicing hobbies that would relax them and help them get their energy back.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah handles her magazine work, runs her network, takes part in philanthropic work and makes sure she speaks her heart on matters she must. After all this, you must think whether she has any time left for herself. Oprah stated in a recent talk show that she loves to take relaxing baths. She takes luxurious baths in her customized bathtub with bath bombs and a tub carved out of marble and onyx.

Bill Gates

The Microsoft founder in one of his interviews shared his favourite hobby, one he uses to relax after a heavy day of work. He said he loves to play tennis, he is an avid player and believes that the sport helps him get rid of any frustration he has after a tiring day and after dealing with multiple people.

Richard Branson

In his recent blog post, the founder of Virgin group revealed his favourite game. Richard Branson revealed that although he loves to play different games, his ultimate favourite is Chess. He loves the fact that the game has a lot of elements like planning, tactics, strategy, and bravery. All the things a businessman must have.

Sandy Lerner

The co-founder of the tech conglomerate Cisco Systems and cosmetics brand Urban Decay has multiple interests. This woman has the brain and a keen interest in lifestyle. Her hobby is also pretty unique. Sandy Lerner loves to combine her love of the outdoors into her work which is why she is working on an organic and humane farm in Virginia.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett loves to play with music and enjoys the ukulele in his free time.

Your hobbies impact how you will be in your workplace. Don’t let the tension and pressure of work stay inside you, have hobbies that help you come out of a tensed environment in order to be a refreshed and better person the next day.

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